Life Coach – Removing Emotional Blocks to Success

Why is it we can put a great deal of effort into creating a plan for a goal we have determined to accomplish, then flawlessly execute the necessary actions but somehow it doesn’t work out the way we envisioned? Have you ever experienced this? Someone else you know can set the same plan in motion and achieve success while you fail. What’s up with that?
According to Parisha Taylor (Pa’Ris’Ha), my life coach and business mentor, along life’s path we pick up experiences and things people say to us that stick in the back of our minds. No matter what is going on in the frontal lobe portion of our brain with the conscious plans we make, those things floating around “behind the scenes” become the silent directors that control the outcome of our lives. I’ve heard this referred to as the “unconscious” programming of our minds.

In a coaching class, Pa’Ris’Ha explained that most of the time the barriers to success have little to do with the amount of effort we give. What stops us is typically an offhand statement or confused decision, which if we were to stop and really take a look at, would seem utterly ridiculous. But at one point in our experience it had significance, and we attached emotions to it. The emotional “charge” keeps it replaying in our brain over and over again, interfering with the success we desire until we do something to confront it. Confronting it means coming to the realization that it exists. As long as it remains hidden it continues to have a controlling influence. Once we face it, the emotional charge is released and the effect it has on us diminishes, even goes away for good.
So how do you confront something you’re not even aware is there? Pa’Ris’Ha offers a technique she calls “Follow the Question Inward.” It’s a journaling exercise, so you need a pen and a few sheets of blank paper.
Start by writing down a goal or a desire you have. Then write the question, “Why can’t I have it?” Now you “follow the question inward” by simply writing on paper everything that pops into your mind. This is not the time to think about it, or talk about it. This is where you allow the unconscious part of your brain to have a voice and empty out all it contains pertaining to the question. Your task is to keep writing anything that comes up until you feel there is nothing left to write about.
Here’s a personal example…
A few years ago I needed a sum of money to pay some sudden healthcare expenses. My mother generously offered me a personal loan to pay the bill. My agreement with her was to make a monthly payment and have the loan repaid in a year. After several years I did not have the loan paid – it seemed that without fail some other expense came up each month that limited the amount of money I could send to her. The result was that almost every month I went through an uncomfortable “drama” with my mother over my finances. I felt frustrated and guilty. It was a source of aggravation for her.
With that in mind, at the top of my paper I wrote, “The entire balance of the loan payment to my mother paid in full.” Under that I wrote the question, “Why can’t I have it.”
I began writing the first thoughts that came into my head and kept going until I had nothing left to say about it. Only when I stopped did I go back and read what I had written. It was astonishing. It was all about a moment when I was 15 years of age and going through the angst associated with teenage hormonal changes. My mother made a comment about how I was changing from a child to an adult, which in a family setting would have been fine. But she said it at a party in front of a group of friends, including a boy that I liked. It was really embarrassing. I sensed the heat creeping up my neck and face and knew my skin was turning bright red. I was totally mortified, and furious that my mother would bring up that subject in public. During the coaster transition into adulthood, young people in our society have a tendency to reject their parents as a way of breaking free from the nest. I recall making a mental note that I would find a way to make her feel just as bad as I was feeling.
After reading my journal notes, it seemed a little insane. Yes, I had surely managed to upset my mother on numerous occasions, but I was also hurting myself. It was not really who I wanted to be, and it was certainly not how I wanted the relationship with my mother to go. I returned to the paper with my pen and added, “This is over; it is done. That was then and this is now. I move forward with the best intentions for my mother and myself.”
In doing this exercise, I felt as though a huge burden had been lifted from my shoulders. It changed the electrochemical signal I was transmitting to the environment. A few hours later on the same day, a business owner I knew called me up “out of the blue” and gave me his credit card number to get started on a project that, in all the time I had known him, he had never mentioned he was considering. It was an unexpected boost to my finances. It was evidence that removing a silent, emotional block gave an opening for changes for the better to take place in my environment and my experiences. Follow the hypnotherapy Chicago work and how it has helped thousands of individual find their way thru their hectic lives.

Pre-Conception Counseling Services in Akron, Ohio

In the advancement of Health Care, the progression of research has not only resulted in curative enhancements, but preventative counseling services have enabled Patients with better overview of prognosis’s. Perhaps one of the areas in which this is most apparent is in the field of Pre-Conception Counseling and Planning. Couples considering Parenthood are currently afforded the opportunity to more closely examine the potential health risks a Child may be inflicted with, before the Child’s conception. This application of Genetic Science not only results in educating perspective Parents of possible health problems for a Child in terms of conditions, but also possibly to the percentages of occurrences.

The concerns of Couple’s planning to become Parents may be calmed, armed with the knowledge of a positive outcome to their pregnancy. Conversely, a Couple who are made aware that a Child will be forced by Genetics to endure serious illness, surgeries, or a shortened life expectancies may decide to remain Childless. Professional Genetic Counselors do not attempt to sway the Parental Right decision in either direction, but only educate individuals desiring to be Parents on the Scientific Factors as applied to their personal situation.

Persons who may reap the benefit of Pre-Conception Counseling are Middle Aged Couples, or potential Parents with serious chronic medical conditions. Also, individuals of an ethnic or racial group that may be predisposed to certain genetic conditions, or a family with a history of birth defects or genetic disorders.

Women considering pregnancy should be given a complete physical to check for undiagnosed health issues that may affect a baby. Drugs prescribed for the Mother may be changed or stopped, and prenatal vitamins are supplied to ensure good health for Mother and Child. Folic Acid is imperative, as it prevents the birth defect Spina Bifida. Vaccinations missed by a Mother may be given prior to conception to further protect the baby. These may include Rubella, Polio, Mumps, Measles, or Hepatitis. A diet for Women more than 20 or 25 pounds overweight may be recommended prior to conception, as well as cessation of Alcohol or Tobacco use.

Most Pre-Conception Services accept most Major Health Insurances, and many provide care based on the Patients ability to pay.

Glendale Tow & Towing Service – Los Angeles Towing

Glendale Tow Service and towing

The Glendale area of Los Angeles is kind of out there in terms of the downtown area of the city and the west side, but it is also a town that is really populated with a lot of people who consistently commute many miles for work on a daily basis, and because so many people from Glendale are commuters that means that they all have cars and that sometimes those car owners need a tow service of some sorts.

It might be difficult to find the right towing service for you when you live in Glendale, but good thing there is a company like the Los Angeles Towing Company who can get to you no matter where you live and helps people out in Glendale all of the time.

What’s so cool about the Los Angeles Towing Company is that they can really handle anything you throw their way and they are extremely punctual in terms of the time that it takes for them to arrive to your location where the accident or vehicle that needs towing is located.

So if you live in Glendale and you don’t have a towing company’s number already in your glove compartment you need to keep the contact information of the Los Angeles Towing Company just in case something goes wrong and you need a tow one day, because you never really know when that day might happen and it’s really helpful to be prepared for the time when you need a towing service the most.

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Learn How To Use Acupuncture to Increase Your Health

Acupuncture works off the belief that we must maintain a balance of vital energy flow in order to remain healthy. An individual can look and feel healthy despite this flow being out of balance. Since energy out of balance can quickly become sickness, acupuncture is seen in this regard as preventive medicine. It is also a vital medical tool for treatment and restoration as well.

Before we get too in depth, however, a discussion of acupuncture’s history, uses, and effectiveness is in order. A better understanding of this subject is helpful in deciding whether acupuncture is right for you.

First used in China over 2,000 years ago, it is one of the oldest still-used medical procedures in the world. Acupuncture stimulates the anatomy of the body to balance energy flow throughout. Through the use of tiny, metallic needles placed in specific energy points while manipulating the area or related areas by hand massage or electrical stimulation, flow is re-aligned.

Even today, acupuncture forms the basis for traditional Chinese medicine and is used to properly align the two opposing forces within the body: the Yin and the Yang. Through the vital pathways (meridians) which allow the flow of qi (vital energy), the Yin and Yang energies become balanced as they connect over 2,000 acupuncture points along the body. Even Western science, always skeptical of traditional methods, has proven that acupuncture does work, though it doesn’t completely understand why.

The National Institute of Health has studied the affects of acupuncture in many areas of health care. It’s shown to be effective in postoperative nausea, osteoarthritis, chemotherapy side effects, lower back pain, headaches, menstrual cramps, addiction, asthma, carpal tunnel, and more. Their studies showed that acupuncture was able to provide pain relief, improved arthritic joint mobility and function, and complemented standard care.

Most doubters, once they become patients, become believers. Current medical theories as to why acupuncture works center around its affect on the body’s nervous system. The theory is that acupuncture regulates the nervous system and induces the release of endorphins and immuno-system cells. Another theory concludes that acupuncture alters the brain’s chemistry by changing how neurotransmitters in the brain react.

No matter the theory of why, there is no doubt that it does work. As a patient myself, I can attest to the wonderful effect it’s had on my back pain. Acupuncture is a proven aid in maintaining optimal health, despite it’s current classification as an alternative medicine.

For the healthy individual, acupuncture is still very beneficial. Because of the balance of vital energies and their link to wellness over time, maintaining the balance through acupuncture is a preventive measure, keeping you healthy. It’s analogous to giving your car a tuneup before it develops a serious problem.

Are House Cleaning Services Right for You?

There are numerous stereotypes about cleaning and maid services. People associate cleaning services for homes with large properties, wealthy families, and stuck-up people who think that they are ‘above’ doing their own cleaning. A vast majority of homeowners don’t even consider employing such a service because of these types of notions. As a result, a large number of people who can both afford and stand to benefit from employing a cleaning service end up with homes that are much dirtier than they need to be.

Employing a cleaning service is not often looked at as a practical or cost effective option for middle class families or individuals. However, it’s important to consider services like this as a practical option. For example, many people decide to do their own cleaning instead of hiring somebody else because they decide they have nothing against doing their own cleaning, and would rather save the money than spend it; however, they may then end up giving up overtime hours at work because they need to spend time keeping their house clean. For somebody in this situation, it would likely prove a good choice to employ a service for basic cleaning when they are working too much to have time to clean themselves. In the end doing so will allow them to work longer hours instead of doing their own cleaning, and thus financially this individual will come out on top.

Many cost effective and cheap cleaning services, like HomeJoy Cleaning, cater not to high class families but to this type of individual as well; the middle class person who lives a busy life and doesn’t have time to spare doing their own cleaning. These services are neither excessively costly nor do they provide you with anything you don’t want; they give you only the basic cleaning you ask for. A lot of people also shy away from hiring a cleaning service because it seems strange or foreign to them to have somebody they don’t know moving things around in their house; however, if you choose, most cleaning services will focus on completing a few tasks efficiently and will thus spend as little time in your house as possible. Using a cleaning service is an option worth considering, for everyone.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine practice spans over 5,000 years and is still very much in existence today because of its simplicity, beauty, and attunement to natural law. The methods used are acupuncture, herbs, nutrition, tui na (massage) and energy exercises such as meditation, breathing, tai chi, and chi gong. Well-being, according to the Chinese, depends upon an integration of our own cycles with those of nature, and a balanced flow of energy through the major pathways in the body. The life force, or Chi (pronounced chee), is the energy by which the planets move, the wind blows, and life exists. Our chi is both inherited and produced from our food, the sun, and the air that we breathe. It is the vital energy that supports all functions of the body, mind, and spirit. The Chinese believe that this life energy permeates the entire body in an organized system of channels called the meridians.There are 12 primary meridians which correspond to internal organs. When there is an imbalance of chi energy (deficient, stagnant, or excess) along these meridians, illness, pain, or dis-ease can result. The acupuncture points along these pathways can be stimulated to open up the channel, remove the blockage, and balance the energy flow once again. In this aspect, acupuncture is a true science of ‘energy balancing.”

The ancient Chinese scholars discovered certain principles of energy and correlation’s to 5 basic elements. They called this “Five Element Theory”. It relates all energy and substance to one of the elements — Fire, Earth, Metal (or Air), Water, and Wood.

Each element has a particular association with a color, season, taste, two body organs, an emotion, a sound, a temperature, a tissue it governs, and a direction on the compass, as well as some others. 5-Element theory is process-oriented: it runs through birth, growth, maturation, harvest and storage, and death. In our daily lives we can see how this operates as having an idea, taking action, manifestation, communication, and reflection back to re-creation. It was very clear to the Chinese that life was a reflection of this natural process. This model may seem foreign to us, and in modern China it is a basic classic part of education.

To conclude, the nature and condition of any living organism is determined according to the quantity and quality of each element and the yin/yang balance of each element. Each living organism has its own particular 5-Element nature. When the Elements are harmoniously balanced and chi energy flows throughout our body , then health and well-being manifest to their fullest potential. To protect our qi and health, we need to find balance in our lives, with correct diet, including herbs, exercise (yoga, tai chi, breathing, etc.,) and thoughts including mindfulness, and meditation.

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