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Some of the most coveted property in many towns across the country is the downtown district. However, the downtown homes typically need updated and the bathroom is most often the place homeowners begin. Finding bathroom remodeling contractors in your home’s area can be a challenge. However, with a few easy steps you can find a great remodeler who has experience in remodeling bathrooms. Remodeling your bathroom can add incredible value to your home.

What to look for:

Look for a remodeler who has experience in both plumbing and electricity. A bathroom remodel can add thousands to a home’s value, when done correctly. However, it is a tricky area to remodel and if your contractor is not experienced you may be looking at loads of unexpected costs due to their lack of experience. Remember these tips when choosing a contractor for your bathroom remodel in Bend.

1. Experience is required. Not only should you make sure the contractor has insurance and a license, but you should also be sure they have experience in bathroom remodeling. Any mistakes in the bathroom area can be quite costly to you. In addition, it could ultimately render you without a working bathroom and be dangerous for your family. To ensure your contractor is qualified, check the contractor’s license with the State Construction Contractor Board (CCB) and ask to see any photos from other remodels they’ve done. In addition, it is perfectly fine to ask for references from the contractor before accepting their bid.

2. Remodel choices can matter. A well qualified remodel and granite contractor in Bend will help you make bathroom remodel choices that will work with your home’s existing design. For instance, if your home is in the downtown district with historical design inside and out, it may be in your best interest to update the bathroom with that in mind. You may want to still include the modern whirlpool bath tub but choose a vanity to match your traditional home structure. If you choose to create a totally modern bathroom in a traditionally decorated and structured home, you may be distracting from the overall style of the home. While this may be a great choice for you, it may end up not adding as much additional value to your home as you’d initially thought it may. You can always talk with a local Bend real estate agent to see what he or she recommends.

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