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Pre-Conception Counseling Services in Akron, Ohio

In the advancement of Health Care, the progression of research has not only resulted in curative enhancements, but preventative counseling services have enabled Patients with better overview of prognosis’s. Perhaps one of the areas in which this is most apparent is in the field of Pre-Conception Counseling and Planning. Couples considering Parenthood are currently afforded the opportunity to more closely examine the potential health risks a Child may be inflicted with, before the Child’s conception. This application of Genetic Science not only results in educating perspective Parents of possible health problems for a Child in terms of conditions, but also possibly to the percentages of occurrences.

The concerns of Couple’s planning to become Parents may be calmed, armed with the knowledge of a positive outcome to their pregnancy. Conversely, a Couple who are made aware that a Child will be forced by Genetics to endure serious illness, surgeries, or a shortened life expectancies may decide to remain Childless. Professional Genetic Counselors do not attempt to sway the Parental Right decision in either direction, but only educate individuals desiring to be Parents on the Scientific Factors as applied to their personal situation.

Persons who may reap the benefit of Pre-Conception Counseling are Middle Aged Couples, or potential Parents with serious chronic medical conditions. Also, individuals of an ethnic or racial group that may be predisposed to certain genetic conditions, or a family with a history of birth defects or genetic disorders.

Women considering pregnancy should be given a complete physical to check for undiagnosed health issues that may affect a baby. Drugs prescribed for the Mother may be changed or stopped, and prenatal vitamins are supplied to ensure good health for Mother and Child. Folic Acid is imperative, as it prevents the birth defect Spina Bifida. Vaccinations missed by a Mother may be given prior to conception to further protect the baby. These may include Rubella, Polio, Mumps, Measles, or Hepatitis. A diet for Women more than 20 or 25 pounds overweight may be recommended prior to conception, as well as cessation of Alcohol or Tobacco use.

Most Pre-Conception Services accept most Major Health Insurances, and many provide care based on the Patients ability to pay.

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